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Manage farmyard ground and surface water contamination with our storage systems


  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with BS 5502, BS 8007
  • Tank has life expectancy of 20 years (with maintenance)
  • Manufacturers certificate


  • The tank is suitable for dirtywater collection only as defined below - you should always contact your local NIEA for advice on storage suitability
  • Single prefabricated unit


  • Excavation for tank to be 4.6m long x 2.6m wide
  • Tank to be installed in well drained, granular soil
  • Bedding to be 200mm of well compacted sand & pee gravel mixture
  • Tank to be positioned at centre of excavation
  • The location of the tank must be carefully considered to allow safe access for installation, maintenance and emptying
  • 675mm wide mass, 30N concrete to be placed around tank


  • No vehicle or equipment weight over 2500KG is permitted on or within 2M (6ft 6inches) from edge of tank
  • Tank lid has a maximum axle loading capacity of 4T (4000KGS)
  • Pump access points on the lid measure (20" x 20")

"Dirtywater is defined as a low dry matter effluent made up from water contaminated with manure, urine, effluent, milk, dairy washings or cleaning material. Dirtywater must have a (BOD) no greater than 2000mg/litre, a total nitrogen content of less than 0.3kg/m³ and a dry matter content of less than 1%"

Vantage Point

  • Good agricultural practice for the prevention of pollution of water
  • An economical approach to collecting your dirtywater

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