Environmental Policy

We wholly acknowledge the need to protect the environment by using the best technology and practices available to our industry where economically feasible. We are aware of the manufacturing processes we use and the possible impact this may have on the surrounding locality.

We are fully committed to managing and reducing our environmental impacts in a responsible way. As a company we have adopted an Environmental Policy with the following principles:

  • Monitor ways in which we can recycle & conserve raw materials and water
  • Minimise waste by actively putting in place waste reduction methods where economically practical
  • Educate & inform employees to adhere to current legislation
  • Train our employees to be aware and responsible for the environment
  • Train our employees & suppliers to be aware of assessing and recognising unintentional releases and the emergency procedures to follow
  • Ensure suppliers adhere to legislation regarding delivery of raw materials on-site
  • Visual monitoring & recording of visible emissions will be carried out daily
  • Maintenance of equipment will be carried out weekly and recorded

We will endeavor to improve our environmental performance by assessing our environmental policy every twelve months and where there are newly planned activities regarding manufacturing volume.